Tracy Rizik

Tracy Rizik graduated from the University of Michigan from the School of Business, earning a degree in Finance. She received numerous academic awards during her college career. After graduating, Tracy went to worked for the Vice President of Engineering at Ford Motor Company. She worked there until she was called by Bedrosian Communications to help run that company. Upon receiving her letter of resignation, the VP of Engineering unsuccessfully urged her to stay on with Ford on the basis that her performance was so superior that future promotions were assured. Tracy then worked with Bert Bedrosian at Bedrosian Communications as his Chief Operating Officer with broad responsibilities in this company and as a principal in Goldstar Info, Guardtech Security, LeRun, Healthlink, and others. Working in concert with Bert Bedrosian in these companies, and with national and international companies such as, Cap Cities/ABC, MTV, Raleigh Bikes, Tracy demonstrated an outstanding talent for brand building, marketing, public relations, creative development, and organizational strategies and other management skills.