Bert Bedrosian

Over the past several decades, there are relatively few individuals throughout the world who have enjoyed the sustained and robust international business success of Bert Bedrosian. His breath of accomplishments includes all areas of financing, manufacturing, marketing, branding and distribution.

Bert’s first success was with T.M.C., a multi-billion dollar global telecom concern.  His breakthrough techniques, training strategies, marketing programs, and leadership skills became the hallmark of the company’s personality and are still adopted throughout the telecom industry today.

After several years at T.M.C. Bert started his own telecom company. Within short order he had developed the region’s largest sales staff and customer base.  Ultimately, the company would be sold to the regional Bell operating companies at a substantial profit, Bert was still in his mid twenties.

In the decade to follow, Bedrosian was focused on a variety of entrepreneurial pursuits. His propensity for success garnered international acclaim, detailing his worldwide business accomplishments. His business footprint has resulted in partnerships and product distribution in over 50 countries. These include a CAP Cities ABC partnership, MTV’s first licensed product and the origination of MTV’s worldwide branding and licensing division, Viacom, Raleigh Berhad (Raleigh Bicycles), LeRun Industries, X-10, Brown Bavari, Healthlink and Volta International to name a few.  Bedrosian has also been the majority shareholder and president of a Nasdaq listed company.

Bert is also the singular or co-author of numerous patents from category changing electronic products and improvements, to cutting edge software such as satellite navigation improvements and enhanced 911. This list also includes several household name products and technologies.  Among other international success stories, Bedrosian was responsible for financing, launching and supporting the highly successful MMA Company, Tapout. He also owns,  Goldstar Technologies and B.K.R. amongst others.